"If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there?"

While this is certainly a true statement, it is equally true that you can know where you want to go, but still be unable to get there. The critical step in reaching your organization's goal is having a solid plan. A good plan engages and gives direction to stakeholders, determines staff roles and performance measures and provides a framework for policies. K. K. Biersdorff Consulting can help your organizaiton with any or all of these management concerns.

Policy review.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Policy Development
  • Human Resources

K. K. Biersdorff Consulting can help your organization develop a strategic plan that is tied to your mission and vision for your organization's future and—just as important—is functional for you and your staff. Plans that require people to take time away from their "real work" without an obvious payoff are unlikely to succeed. The more everyone in the organization buys in to the vision and plan to get there, the smoother the process. To get this buy-in, people must

  • feel heard and involved
  • believe that the organization's vision matches their own
  • see how the strategic plan is necessary to achieving the vision
  • think they will be supported to contribute to its success.

Depending on the size of your organization, we can conduct one or more meetings of stakeholder groups to discover people's vision for the organization, ideas for achieving that vision, perceived barriers and the strengths needed to overcome them. The consultant will consolidate this information into a readable working document for further discussion at the management level. Based on these discussions, the consultant will draft a strategic plan that outlines goals, related outcomes and practical strategies to achieve them.

Over the years, we have assembled a variety of activities and group exercises that will help you get the ball rolling, learn more about each other and explore issues such as team dynamics and personal interaction styles. We will develop a meeting plan for your approval, based on discussions with you about your meeting goals and critical issues. This plan will remain flexible in order to spend more time where it is needed or change tactics if a planned approach reaches a dead end. We will document the key points discussed in the meeting, organized conceptually to facilitate action.

Whether your goal in having a meeting facilitator is simply to have a ready note-taker and guide so everyone can contribute to the discussion, or to have a neutral party to help the group explore challenges and build a better team, K. K. Biersdorff has the experience to move your organization forward to reach its desired goals.

It's a fact of life that people have different ideas about what is just common sense. Your employees can't read your mind, and are likely to forget what you told them. That's why organizations develop written policies and procedures. But setting up guidelines that are clear, easy to follow and work for your organization's management and staff is not as easy as it looks.

Your organization's policies and procedures should reflect your mission, values and type of operation. K. K. Biersdorff Consulting has worked with organizations in both business and non-profit sectors to develop policies and procedures that support organizational excellence. We've even developed policies for low literacy individuals.

Good policies identify the rule's intent so they can be interpreted appropriately (and reduce the need to consult supervisors). Playscript procedures identify who does what in what order, ensuring that all employees understand the "big picture" and their own contribution.

Whether your organization is just now developing written policies or needs to review its policies for clarity, cohesiveness and currency, we can help.


These are critical components for any organization's human resources plan. If your organization doesn't have a plan (or your plan isn't working as well as you'd like), give K. K. Biersdorff Consulting a call.

Our results speak for themselves. As a manager of a high performance research team, K. K. Biersdorff hired skilled staff away from better paying jobs more than once and kept them engaged and productive. In a field (and organization) with 30 - 40% turnover, she had 0% turnover in her department most years.

K. K. Biersdorff Consulting has helped small businesses set job descriptions with clear expectations, develop performance evaluations and creative reward systems that fit company values. We've also developed interview questions (and the answers to look for) in the corporate, non-profit and government sectors. We've developed multimedia orientation and training packages, too. (For more information about employee training, check out this web site's section on training.)


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